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We are looking for the most beautiful girls in Europe and are open to any potential candidates.
You are between 18 and 35 years old and you do not let the masculine indifferent.
You love lust, beautiful places, meet interesting people, spice up your life, take care of yourself to the tips of your nails. You have an irreproachable and advantageous physique.

Whether you are active professionally, student or otherwise, you want to connect the useful with the pleasant, escorting can in this case be a very interesting financial compensation.
With this experience you will gain in maturity and financial independence.

The field of escorting is experiencing unprecedented competition.
It is important that we stick to our demands and commitments to our customers in order to perfect our reputation. We have ultra-selective criteria, which is why we will only give a favorable response to applications that may be the subject of a collaboration.

The information requested will not be used for any other purpose than collaboration and will be strictly confidential.

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